My Faith in Humanity is Restored

It’s hard to believe in the faith of others, when all you see on social media and news broadcasts is negative stories relating to crime, harm and disruption. It makes you feel as though there is no hope left for the human race. After all, how can there be, when we’re all so cruel to one another?

And yet today, I was working at my usual part-time job, when another colleague of mine took me by surprise. For privacy reasons I won’t mention his name, so from here, let’s call him James.

James and I do not know one another – other than the fact that my name is Sophie, and his name is James. We have exchanged the occasional “hello!” when we pass one another in the corridor, but that is all. James goes above and beyond for everyone, there is no task that is too large for him. He is a truly wonderful man, and I have known this since first meeting him. However today, he took me by surprise once again. He sponsored me £20 for my Great Wall of China trek.

To many, this won’t seem like that big of a deal. Some may think, why dedicate an entire post over someone sponsoring you £20? But to me, this simple action spoke volumes. James doesn’t necessarily have a lot for himself, he is not in an extremely highly paid job and he (at least from my guess) isn’t exactly in the position to be giving money out to everybody he comes across. (Well, who is, really?) James’ kindness and generosity have given me a restored faith in humanity. Many of my close friends haven’t even sponsored me, so to experience such generosity from someone who barely even knows me, shows me that there are still good people out there, who are able to give without expecting something in return. There are those who believe in others, even though they don’t know any more about them than their first name.

I feel so much gratitude and appreciation for James’ persona and general attitude towards life, that I felt as though I had to share it. It is amazing how being on the receiving end of one random act of kindness can really make you feel. It has given me a boost in faith; faith towards humanity, faith towards life, and faith towards myself. Expressing gratitude is a crucial part of self-acceptance and self-care, as it can make you feel grounded and appreciative of the world around you. Just imagine. If every one of us returned this random act of kindness to another person; whether it is giving a little money to charity, giving a little time to volunteer, or giving something back to the community, how much better would this world be? There is too much cruelty, too much anger, too much selfishness. Come on, we are so much better than this.

I know this is one of many random acts of kindness, and I would love to hear about more. Stories like this fill me with so much hope. Please comment below if you have been lucky enough – like me – to be on the receiving end of one. Or, if you are wonderful enough, to have been this kind and generous to another, I would love to hear it.

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2 thoughts on “My Faith in Humanity is Restored

  1. I agree with you that “It’s hard to believe in the faith of others when all you see on social media and news broadcasts are negative stories relating to crime, harm, and disruption.”
    There are so many good events happening every day, like marriage, a birth of a new baby, James sponsoring £20 etc. that no one is talking about simply because bad stories are selling better than good stories… and unfortunately the newspapers need to sell more.

    Thank you for sharing! Wonderful reading

    1. Yes, and unfortunately that is the hard truth of news stories! It’s great to come across new stories of kindness, love and gratitude 🙂

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