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Mindful Mondays: Showering

Welcome to this week’s Mindful Monday!

Following from last week, welcome to another post dedicated to mindfulness. The aim of these posts is to show you how easy it really is to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday lives. The concept of mindfulness is often overthought, but it really doesn’t need to be that way.

As you may know by now, mindfulness has huge benefits if you use it effectively in your everyday life. One of the key things about being mindful, is adding it to your life just like you would with any other daily task. People often over-think what it means to be mindful, and complicate it far beyond its means. Mindfulness is crucial to a happy and healthy life, and can be as easy as taking your morning shower.


Today, the focus is going to be on showering.

Okay, this might sound like a really strange topic for a Mindful Monday, but showering is another task, like walking and drinking coffee, that we all do every day. As well as this, it is one of the only few opportunities that many of us get to be alone – a short amount of time with only our own company. Showering in the morning is often a time that so many of us are on auto-pilot – thinking about what we have to do that day, what we haven’t done yet, and perhaps even worrying about future events. These are clear reasons as to why taking a ‘mindful shower’ is great for your wellbeing. Most of us take a shower as soon as we wake up, so being mindful so early on in the day can result in you having a much clearer mind for the day ahead. After all, mindfulness can help to improve concentration, wellbeing and overall happiness. Focusing on your worries and concerns in this time to yourself is wasted, and it would be far more beneficial for you to focus on being present.


Starting the day, and the week for that matter, in a mindful manner can work wonders for your concentration, your mood, and your general wellness. Taking those few moments just to focus on yourself is a commodity often given little importance in our everyday lives, and as a result it is usually pushed to the bottom of our priority lists. This week, I want you to prioritise yourself a little more. Whilst you’re taking your shower each morning this week, instead of thinking about your tasks for the day, take that time to think about the present moment. How are you feeling right at this moment? What emotions are you experiencing? It’s unusual to really be aware of the answers to these questions without actually giving them a lot of thought.


Personally, it takes me around 10-15 minutes to shower in the morning. This is the perfect amount of time to spend being mindful – it really isn’t as tedious as people seem to think! In this short amount of time, you’d be surprised how ‘at home’ you can feel, and how you can really feel set up and ready for the day ahead – whatever it chooses to throw at you. Yes, taking a shower can help you to feel refreshed and revitalised in itself, but adding mindfulness to this time will make you feel even more prepared than you first thought.


Things to focus on:

  • What do you see when the bubbly water runs down the plughole?
  • What do you hear when the water hits the bottom of the shower?
  • What do you feel when you lather the soap on your body?
  • What do you feel when the water trickles down your skin?
  • What do you smell in the air when you rub strongly scented shampoo into your hair? What scents do you smell?
  • What do you taste when you inhale the damp air?


Taking the time to notice every individual factor of your morning shower can allow you to focus on the smaller things in life, and feel completely present in the moment – from when you first run the steaming water, to when you take your soft towel from the warm radiator to dry yourself off. This can have a huge impact on your day, you can feel grounded and at peace with yourself, and be prepared for the days challenges.

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this task of being mindful worked for you, and the types of mindful thoughts that you had whilst taking your morning shower!

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