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Mindful Mondays: Blankets

Welcome to this week’s Mindful Monday!

Mindfulness has been a key element in my life for quite some time now, and particularly in the last few days I have tried to incorporate it into my daily routine more than ever. I’ve recently arrived back from a charity trek of the Great Wall of China, and my mindfulness routine has been totally out of sync. As well as this, coming home from 30 degree heat to Autumnal October has meant I’m reaching for my hygge warm blankets and candles more than ever.


So, of course, today the focus is going to be on snuggly, cosy, warm blankets.

What with winter on the way, blankets are an essential part of my daily life. Whether I’ve just got in from work, from a law lecture, I’m putting a film on in front of the TV, or snuggling up with my favourite book and a mug of tea – a blanket is a crucial part of the equation. Personally, they make me feel so much more comfortable, and far more able to take on the task I have ahead of me, even if it is only relaxing after a really stressful lecture. Being curled up in a cosy blanket is a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness, because it can bring you totally to the present moment. For me, I usually wrap up in my favourite blanket after I’ve had a busy morning or stressful event, so it is a great way to wind down from the pressures of my day, and bring myself back to the moment. Mindfulness linked with this relaxation can have huge benefits, as it no longer feels as much of a ‘chore’ to practice each day, as it is something that you would do anyway.

Blankets are my happy place: instant comfort and ease

Beginning your week with mindfulness through the form of snuggly blankets can actually work wonders for your concentration and wellbeing in your daily life – especially if, like me, you use blankets as a relaxation method after a stressful lecture or busy day at work. When you take out this small amount of time to reflect on your day and on your life in general, you are able to give yourself a ‘recharge’ and have better concentration for the day ahead, or in my case, for studying after my lecture later in the evening. This week, I urge you to prioritise yourself, and grab your favourite fluffy blanket out of the cupboard (because come on, it’s already October!) and initiate mindfulness into your day. Even if you don’t have a cosy blanket, you should really go out and get one, because there is nothing better than hygge-ing up your home ready for the winter!

Personally, I could spend hours wrapped up in my blanket, reading a book, watching a film, even studying. (I mean, I’d take a blanket to my lectures if it was socially acceptable!) However if this isn’t your thing, you could just cosy up for 5 to 10 minutes each evening to try to stay focused and grounded, to let go of the stresses of the day you’ve had.


Things to focus on:

  • What patterns do you see when you wrap the soft, furry blanket around your limbs?
  • What do you hear when you sit wrapped in silence? What sounds are in the background?
  • What do you feel when the cosy fabric touches your skin?
  • What do you feel when you allow yourself to relax?
  • What do you smell in the air when you snuggle into the blanket? Does the blanket smell of fragrance?


Allowing yourself to have those few moments of relaxation in a warm and cosy blanket can result in you having a deeper appreciation for life itself. You are able to reflect on your day, your week, even your life, when you give yourself some well-deserved ‘me-time’, as you can be totally in the moment. Self-reflection is a huge element of mindfulness, as it can help you to live in the present. Giving yourself a cosy way of doing this makes it seem much less like a task to tick off on a checklist, and more like something that you enjoy to do.

I would love to hear about how you relax in the Autumn and Winter – do you reach for your snuggly, cosy blanket too?


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