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Just Girly Things

For me, creating my own space is essential for my self care. A space full of just girly things, where I can put my mind to rest and feel calm and less stressed about life and what’s going on around me. 

This place is usually where I go when I want to read, journal, blog, paint my nails, catch up with my planner, sit with a cup of tea, or generally just chill out with a calming Spotify playlist on (Your Coffee Break is my favourite!) I think it is so important to practice self-care and take this time out for yourself, and since using it as my way of dealing with stress and worry, I have seen considerable changes in my life.

Having this time to ourselves is a commodity in the current world we’re living in. There aren’t many opportunities we get in any given day that allow us to take a time-out, and have no distractions. Yes, you might be sitting on your own all day at a computer at work, but your mind will still be racing and working and thinking non-stop. To actually sit on your own and just be is extremely rare for our hectic lifestyles. And despite what people may think, having this down-time can actually make you more efficient and motivated in your everyday life. When sitting and thinking of nothing that is stressfull or worrying, you are physically unwiring your mind and dissociating from negative thoughts that you might not even realise you are having. This actively reboots your brain, allowing more room for concentration and productivity.

Everybody’s idea of their own ‘space’ can be different, and however you like to spend your time is completely up to you – it is entirely personal preference – as long as you are finding a way to replicate the feelings of relaxation and detachment from your thoughts. The key for me is to make this space really cosy. For instance, my space is filled with big fluffly cushions and pillows in soft pastel colours, to really set the scene of calmness and tranquility. Being surrounded by girly things helps me to wind down, as I’m no longer surrounded by things that could trigger me to feel stressed or anxious.


My personal cosy space to wind down and relax


Having a space like this should be in an environment which resonates within you – you are the person that you are supposed to be when you are in this place. This is a place where you can eradicate your stress, even if it is only for a short while, and feel as raw as you can be. Nothing can interrupt your thought pattern here, and nobody can change you. Here are a few added extras that help me even more to create my calming space!

I love this vanilla scented diffuser from Yankee Candle. The smell of vanilla calms me and helps me to feel stress-free!
When I’m not reading, I love having my Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 2 headphones to cancel out the surrounding noise to really focus on chilling out
Having lots of fluffy cushions like this layed out on the floor gives me my space to sit or lie down when I want to take time for myself


I’d love to hear how you make your space completely your own – feel free to comment below!

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1 thought on “Just Girly Things

  1. I love your cosy place- it sure does look cosy. I agree with you that everyone needs a special place to unwind and distract oneself from the everyday rush. We recently moved so I haven’t yet found a space for me to chill and unwind! Hopefully one day soon I’ll find the time to do that:)

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