Radiating self-love is often depicted as being egotistical. There goes social media – it’s at it again.

Across social media platforms, it is considered that if you love yourself, then you are conceited, self-absorbed and obnoxious. This is a key example of how social media can ironically be anti-social, causing people to be anxious about their appearance, their personality, and the way they hold themselves in general. This should not be the case. Self-love is actually quite the opposite of this. It is about accepting yourself as you are, embracing your flaws, and loving the fact that you are you.


“Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” – Rudy Francisco


We are all worthy of love. We want other people to love us – whether it is family members, close friends or partners – so why is it so frowned upon for us to want to love ourselves? Having love and compassion for another human being is just a part of our nature, a part of the human race. Compassion. Empathy. Kindness. Solicitude. Humanity. They are all such natural emotions to display, emotions that allow others to believe that we are caring people that others would want to be around. There should be no comparison for when we show those feelings to ourselves in the same way as we do to others.

Self-love is important. It is the difference between a high quality of life, and a low quality of life. How do you expect to have the full capacity to love others, when there is such an empty hole where the love should be for yourself?

It all starts with self-acceptance. Accepting your flaws and who you are as a person. You have the opportunity to practice self-love and self-acceptance all the time, whether this is correcting yourself every time you have a negative thought about yourself, believing in yourself unconditionally no matter the consequences, or encouraging your feelings rather than dismissing them, each time you have the option to either agree with those negative affirmations and feel low about yourself, or accept it and embrace it.



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