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Whilst living amongst so much social media, it is difficult to master the art that is self-acceptance. A large number of us may feel as though we are happy with ourselves – the way we look, and who we are as people – however one negative comment from another person can quite easily cause a setback in terms of our acceptance of ourselves.

Self-acceptance is all about being happy in your own skin; accepting your flaws, your differences and your quirks, embracing them, and continuing to be happy in life even though we are aware of their existence. Nobody is perfect. We may think so, by seeing celebrities on our screens every time we pick up our phones or turn on the TV, following Instagram accounts of individuals lucky enough to travel the world for a living – perfect bodies, sun-blushed skin, flawless make-up, naturally wavy hair – so there is no wonder that we are always comparing ourselves to those we perceive asĀ better.

But the truth is, they’re not better. No one individual is ranked higher than the other. Everybody is different, and those who are fortunate enough to be self-accepting embrace this idea, and revel in the fact that nobody is them, and that it is their power.


By achieving complete self-acceptance, you will achieve self-love. You are you. You are capable.

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