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Many people are under the illusion that the term ‘wellness’ refers to being physically healthy. It does, to some extent, but it means so much more than that, too. Wellness is feeling at peace with yourself mentally, and having strong mental health, as well as strong physical health. As stated by the World Health Organization, wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absense of disease or infirmity”. Having a strong sense of wellness benefits us because it becomes a part of a cycle. Everything that we feel, think and behave becomes a part of our actions and how we convey ourselves. This can have a direct impact on our emotions, so it is important to have wellness within our lives to have a higher quality of life. So, with this in mind, how are we able to achieve wellness?

Wellness can be achieved by focusing on the good in situations, and looking at life more positively. There are 8 branches of optimal wellness, and these include:

Emotional wellness

Environmental wellness

Financial wellness

Intellectual wellness

Occupational wellness

Physical wellness

Social wellness

Spiritual wellness

It is believed that if you are able to master happiness and acceptance across all 8 of these branches of wellness, then you will have a higher quality of life. There is no overall rule as to how to achieve this, as all of the different branches require different levels of effort and appreciation.



However, to give you a bit of guidance, the obvious one to start with is physical wellness. In order to achieve this, you would need to put effort towards eating healthily, exercising enough, seeking medical help as and when it is needed, and obtaining a relatively healthy physical lifestyle.



Intellectual wellness would involve being more open-minded about situations you aren’t knowledgeable about – being open to new ideas, approaches and opinions.



Emotional wellness can refer to having good stress management, coping well with unfortunate situations, and being in touch with your thoughts and feelings.



One that many people struggle with is financial wellness. So many of us feel anxious and uncertain about our finances and whether we have enough money to have a high quality life. The concept of financial wellness is budgeting money well, saving money for emergencies and being more comfortable with your finances. Financial stress is one of the highest types of stress across all ages, so mastering wellness in this area is likely to increase quality of life.

This is one of the areas of wellness that I always worried about. Money is a significant factor in our quality of lives. Want to find out how I overcame this? I got into the world of affiliate marketing.


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8 thoughts on “Wellness

  1. Hi, Sophie!
    I really enjoyed reading your article as I’ve been researching and learning a lot about being well and happy for the past 5 years or so.
    I discovered that being, as you well said, “in touch with your thoughts and feelings” is key to wellness. I take very good care of my thoughts and whenever a negative one crosses my mind I use some techniques to substitute it by a better one.
    I also have been practicing gratitude and this alone has done wonders to increase the level of happiness in my life.
    I believe that once you are emotionally well it gets much easier to seek for the other branches of wellness you mentioned in the article. Don’t you think so?

    1. Hi Eliane, thanks so much for your comment, I definitely do think so! I used to really struggle with negative thoughts, and by following these practices, and doing as you say by using techniques to substitute negative thoughts, I too have found that my life is much more fulfilled – my family have noticed it too! 

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I love to hear others’ stories!


  2. This is so true, and a great reminder of what wellness really is. It is also difficult to keep all 8 points in mind and work on them all at the same time, but if we could little by little concentrate on maybe the most important points that mean most to us we could improve our lives significantly. Funny enough, when you read all 8 points again, they all tie is together and truly result in just 3
    – Emotional
    – Physical
    – Financial
    … in my opinion at least.
    Thank you for this, is was definitely a stop & think kind of read 🙂

    1. Hi Agnes, I’m glad you stopped to read the article, I think its nice to really think about your emotions and feelings sometimes!
      Yes it can seem very daunting when you look at it as a whole, its great to break it down into much more manageable steps. However you break it down to you personally is fab, with mindfulness it is all about what works best for you!


  3. I think this is an important article with a lot of valuable information. Often times one aspect of well-being gets overlooked or forgotten. Mind, Body, Soul, and Money (since we need it to survive). Like you were saying, when one is out of sync with another, maximum well-being cannot be achieved. They’re all connected and work in synchronization. Balance is key in all things.

    1. Hi Dom, 

      Thank you for commenting! Synchronization is definitely key to overall wellness, and you’re right, it is so often overlooked!


  4. Hello Sophie,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about Wellness, I can really see how much of a benefit each of the eight steps would be. After reading through your article, its opened up my eyes that its not just physical wellness that is important. To be honest, i think money brings a certain amount of wellness, so thank you for recommending wealthy affiliate. I might just try that out, nothing to lose
    Defiantly better to do away with negativity and look to better oneself. I am grateful for your advice and look forward to reading more.
    Freddy :-).

    1. Hi Freddy, 

      Thanks for your comment!

      I’m glad that it has opened up your eyes to how important wellness really is in our lives! Everyone prioritises different areas of wellness, but yes financial wellness is an important one for many!

      If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, or anything for that matter, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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