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The Ultimate Challenge: Great Wall of China Trek

Excitement is enveloping me. Today marks the 2 week countdown for flying to Beijing. In March 2016, I decided to take the leap and give myself the ultimate challenge – trekking The Great Wall of China in aid of charity.

Anxiety is always something that I have struggled with. It has meant that I have lacked motivation to do much with my life, in the fear of getting lost, getting hurt, getting disappointed.. the list goes on. As a result of this, I have avoided a number of things; whether it’s social activities, family occasions, or even hobbies in the comfort of my own home. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would find the courage to book a two-week trip, on my own (agh?!), that is that far away! China!!

The main criteria for being able to do this trek is raising a minimum of £3000. This has been another huge challenge for me in itself. This has meant that I’ve had to put myself out there in more situations to get sponsors from family and friends, host a number of different events for strangers and generally push myself more than I ever have before.

And yes, this has been extremely difficult for me – but I’ve done it. (Well, nearly. I’ve raised £2950 so far!)

Anyway, enough about me. The aim of this post is to show you that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

In order to really improve your thought processes, and overcome anxiety, negativity and other setbacks to your wellness, putting yourself out there is essential. I put myself in the position where if I didn’t succeed, I would miss out on a great opportunity. I jumped in at the deep end and told myself daily with positive affirmations that I was capable of doing this, and I will not only reach my fundraising target, but blow it out of the water. This really shows the value that positive affirmations can take, and it links closely with the law of attraction. You’ve all read it before, like attracts alike. Tell yourself that you are capable, and you will be. Tell yourself that you are going to succeed, and you will. Tell yourself that you are an amazing and incredibly deserving human being, and it will shine out of you like sunbeams.


Getting this far in this challenge has given me a certain element of drive to do something like it again. Okay, maybe not on the same scale, but I have surprised myself with how well I have overcome certain parts of my anxiety just by telling myself that I can do it. And I know you could too, if you put yourself in similar shoes.

Have you ever put yourself through a challenge that scared you, intimidated you, made you feel uncomfortable or uneasy? Please let me know: because I bet you felt incredible when you did it!

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Challenge: Great Wall of China Trek

  1. Hi Sophie, Glad to hear that you are almost there in raising money for your Beijing Great Wall trip. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You really live up to your challenge.
    I joined a tour group that covers 5 major cities in China over a period of 2 weeks about than 10 years ago. Subsequently, when I was stationed in North Eastern China I brought my family for a short holiday in early December and we climbed the Great Wall of China. At the top, it was cold and the wind was very strong. We have to hold on tight to the railing to make our wall up.
    I think your trip will be a lot more fun trekking your way around besides climbing the Great Wall. Have fun, keep warm and take care during your trip.

    1. Hi Kelsey, thank you for the lovely comment! You’re totally right, anybody is able to do anything that they put their mind to!
      That sounds like a fantastic trip – and how lovely to spend it with your family too! I’ve heard it can be quite a challenge to trek, I’m sure the 60 miles over 6 days will exhaust me haha!
      Thank you again,

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