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New Years Resolutions for a Happier You!

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?


Every year, we are all inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions that supposedly ‘better ourselves’; however this usually involves diets, starting a gym membership, or losing a certain amount of weight. New Year’s Eve is the perfect day to look at the year behind you and the year ahead, in a far bigger picture, so wju is it that we only ever focus on our appearance, and how others perceive us, as opposed to the way we feel about ourselves?

I have decied that this year will be a ridiculously amazing year. Not just 2018, but every year from today will be amazing because I choose for it to be that way. Well, why the hell not? Why would I just want one year to be amazing and for the rest to only be mediocre? There is no such thing as one singular year to be ‘your year’. Everybody is reaching for happiness, with the belief that they can only obtain it if they eat better or force themselves to do exercise. In reality, the truth is, you are your only limit. To reach a goal that you have never before obtained, you must do something that you have never before done. Achievement doesn’t just walk into your life, you have to put yourself out there enough to acquire it. You need to have the attitude of “I can and I will. Watch me.” In some ways, this is the perfect New Year’s Resolution. By changing your mental attitude and mindset, it’s surprising what challenges you can actually overcome.


“New Year – a new chapter, a new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately, we write it. The choice is ours.”

-Alex Morritt


So, what better time is there to ‘stay classy, sassy and a little bad-assy’? A self-embracing attitude can take you anywhere, and I know for sure that it is the perfect attitude to bring to a new year. Personally, in the past, I’ve allowed people to walk all over me, step on me and crush me, belittle me and patronize me. This year, and from now on, I’m not going to let that happen. There comes a time that you need to stand up for yourself; let go of who you think you should be and embrace who you are – your true and authentic self. Authenticity is never apologising for who you are. Never apologising for being too sensitive, or too emotional, or too difficult. Showing thought and emotion is a sign of strength – it is proof that you have a big heart, and aren’t afraid of letting those around you see it. Wo why is it seen to be such a weakness by society? If you see something beautiful in someone, then speak it. You will never regret being kind, and you will never regret the years of happiness that comes with it.


There is an art to loving yourself, so spread kindness like confetti.


Be kind to others, and be kind to yourself. So this year, I’m choosing to be self-embracing. No diets, no gym memberships, and no saying ‘yes’ when I actually want to say ‘no’. I’m going to find 3 new hobbies that I love; one that makes me money, one that keeps me healthy, and one that encourages my creativity. After all, you’ve got to nourish to flourish! I’m going to smile more, be excited about life and all of its adventures, wake up early, remove myself from negative people and environments, and more of all, be fierce. True happiness lies in the smaller things in life – not in the amount of friends you have, the number on the scales, or the grades on a piece of paper.


“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be who you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and, if you’re not, I hope you find the strength to start over.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


New Years Resolution ideas to heighten your quality of life:

  • Notice the little things
  • Take pictures
  • Keep a journal
  • Draw every day
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Walk more
  • Declutter your life
  • Be honest with yourself and with others
  • Explore more
  • Have patience with those around you
  • Read more
  • Do yoga
  • Do less, but with more focus


I wish you all a very happy, fortunate, and healthy new year!



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