Mindful Mantra

Sometimes, the main difference between a ‘good day’ and a ‘bad day’ is your thought pattern.

If you spend the day dreading going to work, wishing you didn’t have to do the housework when you get home, and generally having a pretty negative mindset; then the likelihood is, that yes, you will have a bad day. You might think I’m being dramatic [because okay sometimes I am a little!] but there is a hidden truth behind the concept that your thoughts and mindset manifest themselves into your reality.


So, instead, the key is to be mindful, and to repeat the concept of mindfulness through your thoughts, your emotions, and your behaviour. Repeating this attitude as a mantra will no doubt have you feeling as though you have a new lease of life in no time at all. By focusing on these 3 aspects of your life, you are indirectly bringing a central balance to the way you lead your life. You are connecting the way you think, the way you feel, and subsequently the way you behave; ultimately leading to a more consistent mindset and, in some ways, personality. Being mindful is focusing on the present moment; that is, not being weighed down by what has happened in the past, and not being apprehensive about what the future may or may not hold. It is allowing yourself to just ‘be’; without allowing yourself to be distracted by thoughts that could jeapordise this feeling of peace and tranquility. Many of my posts on this blog will follow the concept of mindfulness and positivity and self-care. [If you’d like to read these, you will find them on my Home page!]


If there is one thing I can take away from the previous years of my life, it is that if I tell myself in the morning that I’m going to have a good day, then I damn well will. Positive affirmations are everything, and it is these positive affirmations that can keep your mind focused and alert for the day ahead, and with time, for your life ahead. Being mindful is essentially forming a new habit; it is learning to process the world a little differently to how you currently do, every single day. For more information on mindfulness, click here.


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