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Financial Stress: Earn Money Online

I would be lying if I told you that nobody has financial stresses at some point in their life.

Money makes the world go round, after all! It can be difficult to live at ease, knowing that the job you’re stuck in isn’t earning you enough to allow you to live a comfortable life.

I would often let my anxiety eat away at me in terms of my finances. At the end of the day, I’m only a student, and there aren’t many part-time jobs out there that are able to pay you enough for you to be financially independent. Even if there were, they’d require you to work during your study time, which ultimately jeopardises your education. It is a huge cause of my anxiety, and can have a significant impact on my quality of life, even though I don’t have that many responsibilies as of yet. Thinking about the future, in terms of my financial situation, causes me extreme worry, and I decided that it was about time I did something about it. I’ve always been intrigued about how to earn money online in the UK, and haven’t been convinced that it’s possible, all until very recently.


Affiliate Marketing.

I was introduced to the world of affiliate marketing. To begin with, I wasn’t even sure what this was, until I did a little research to find out. For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is the simple notion that you are able to earn commission on products that you advertise on your website or blog, by directing traffic to a merchant’s website. It is slowly becoming one of the most popular ways to make money online, as virtually anybody is capable of doing it. I used to be completely computer illiterate – I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, but I never knew where to start. Over such a short space of time, I’ve learnt so much about the realms of affiliate marketing. I’m starting to build my own business from scratch, so I can earn passive income whilst writing about things that I love, and studying my law degree at the same time.


Is it worthy of my time?

The beauty of being an affiliate marketer, is that you have the total flexibility to work when and where you want. No more waking up at 5am to get to your day job on time, no more booking holiday 6 weeks in advance to make sure it’s authorised, no more laborious working for the benefit of somebody else. Nothing can beat working for yourself, investing in your own business, and investing in yourself. This is perfect for me as a student, because I am able to choose when I want to work on my blog, and when to study. There are a huge number of benefits about having a flexible money-maker, and that’s why it is the perfect opportunity to get into!

However, one important thing to note – it certainly isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Especially if you are starting from scratch. Building up a website or blog that has a lot of visitors (traffic) and that is trusted in Google and other search engines can take some time – and hard work and dedication to your site is absolutely essential. Being passionate about what you write about, and about wanting to help people with the advice you write, is crucial to make it in the world of affiliate marketing. I love writing new posts for this blog, I love responding to people’s comments, and I love knowing that I’ve helped people who have dealt, or are dealing with similar issues to me. For this reason alone, having my blog is worthy of my time. Affiliate marketing just makes it so much more worthy.


How did I do it?

After taking the plunge and deciding that I was going to give affiliate marketing a good shot, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. To begin with, I was dubious. There are so many scams out there at the moment, that it’s hard to decipher what’s going to kick off the start of your own business, and what’s going to put a rather large hole in your pocket instead. It can be difficult to believe anything you read on the internet sometimes, but joining Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to step outside of my anxiety-filled bubble, and excel in ways that I never thought possible.

 Wealthy Affiliate: A strong community and training focus.

The community within Wealthy Affiliate houses well over 900,000 members. It houses all of the training and resources that you need to create your own business from scratch. Within one platform, you can create and update your own website, get unlimited assistance from the Wealthy Affiliate community, and training on almost every topic related to affiliate marketing that you could probably think of. I’ve gone from not knowing a single thing about being an affiliate or having a website, to having everything I need at my fingertips. If you have the dedication and commitment to learn everything there is to know, then there is no barriers to your success. Affiliate marketing isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’, and Wealthy Affiliate lays it out honestly for its’ community members. They give you honest advice, and support you throughout the whole process.

As a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to all of the great features on the site for the first 7 days – all for free! This gives you the perfect opportunity to see if this program is for you, before committing to it, and before entering any of your card details! You will be surprised about how much progress you can make in such a short amount of time – I can guarantee you will want to continue using Wealthy Affiliate to make your business grow! After all, what have you got to lose? After the 7 days, you get given a one-time opportunity to buy your first month’s premium membership at a discounted rate, only $19 (around £15). If you want to actually be successful online, have a complete training guide for every aspect of your website, and have 24/7 help from one of the most amazing communities in the world, then give Wealthy Affiliate a chance.

Here are the differences between the Starter Membership, and the Premium Membership:


Are you ready to get started and change your life? It has certainly changed mine. I’ve worked on my strengths, learned a whole host of new things, and helped those who have started since I did. I’ve created this blog from scratch, and learned how to turn my passion into my business.

Have any more questions, or need a helping hand with affiliate marketing? Don’t hesitate to contact me, or comment below!



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2 thoughts on “Financial Stress: Earn Money Online

  1. Hello Sophie
    The first thing that caught my eye reading your post were the first words, “everyone has had financial stress one time or the other” how so true.
    Now you`ve given tips on how to get out of this stress by doing affiliate marketing,sounds good and reading your post, I feel so motivated to give it a try.
    My only worry is, I`m not a marketer, never was, how will I find people to sell products to? I mean, family and friends can only buy so much, what happens after that?
    Another thing I did not completely understand is about products, how will I find people who want or need my help to sell their products?
    Totally agree with you, waking up at 5am sucks,then labour all day helping someone to build their dreams while my dreams stay unfulfilled.
    You mention Wealthy Affiliate as the right training platform to get started,in your chart you show that they offer 2 free websites, now if I join Wealthy Affiliate and create the 2 websites but then along the way decide to quit, how will it work out? will I lose my websites? thanks for clearing this up.

    1. Hi, thank you for commenting with your concerns!

      I’ve never been a marketer either, so don’t let that hold you back! You’ll find people to sell products to via your website – as it gets trusted in Google, your website will be ranked higher and higher, meaning that all the billions of people that use the Internet could come across your site! Family and friends can sometimes be a good way to start, but your goal is to help the general public, and recommend products that could be of help to them!

      All of the training that Wealthy Affiliate houses explains to you exactly how to promote products, get your website ranked, and produce quality content that will engage people to read your posts. 

      However, if you decided to join and then quit at a later date, you have every right to do so. You will have 30 days to transfer your site/s to another hosting platform, so all of your hard work will not be lost!:)

      I hope this helps, please let me know if I can help with anything else:)


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