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Daily Mindfulness

If you have read my previous post, Mindfulness exercises to improve your way of life, you may have now understood the concept of mindfulness, and how being mindful in everyday life is a simple and yet daunting philosophy to practice. Mindfulness can be carried out in a number of different ways, and each individual will come to find the way that suits them best. Like anything new, it can be hard to find a starting point, so that’s what I aim to help you with within this post.

Below, I am sharing with you my daytime mindfulness ritual. You may find this quite strange to begin with, but I can assure you that over time, you will see the positive impact on your thoughts, emotions, behaviour and overall wellbeing.



Each morning when I open my eyes, I take a few minutes. It’s a new day. I don’t look at my phone, I don’t turn on the TV or any music to get me out of bed – I simply lie there, and take in a few deep breaths to get the day started.

I always find that it helps to have some kind of mantra to say to myself within these few minutes. You may have already heard of this term, as it originates from Buddhism, much like the concept of mindfulness. If not, it can be a statement, a phrase, a word, a sound, or whatever your imagination wants it to be, which aids your concentration. It is most commonly used in meditation, and it is an extremely useful technique. I find that by saying: “Today is going to be an amazing day”, and “I can overcome whatever the day throws at me”, I am able to face the day with a more positive outlook.



During the day is when it is most difficult to remain mindful. You may be at work, or meeting friends for coffee, or running errands, and it can be difficult to be grounded and in the present moment when there are a number of things racing through your mind; tasks to set, goals to achieve, places to be.

At this point, you should take some time – even if all you can spare is 30 seconds – to take one deep breath, and remind yourself how amazing you are to be living, to be able to go to work, to be able to socialise and to be able to set goals and accomplish them every single day. You are a work of art.



As the day draws to a close, practicing mindfulness is key. Run yourself a warm bath, feel the bubbles envelope you and smell the scent of your body lotion. Cook yourself some really great food, savour the smells that resonate through your home and relish the flavours with each mouthful that you take. Make yourself a cup of tea in your favourite mug, and feel the warmth in your hands as you take the first sip.


Mindfulness is everywhere. Don’t underestimate the little things that can bring you the most enjoyment.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Mindfulness

  1. I completely agree about making those moments count on waking. It sets up the day. Recently I decided to remember the ‘wind on my skin’ I do it now and then and really feel the breeze, the temperature, the speed, the scents carried with it… It’s fascinating because I only need to remember the wind on my skin and it reminds me of all the other beautiful things to experience in life – the sounds, the scents – nature,,, soo good.

    1. Karsha, I love this! That’s a brilliant technique to use for mindfulness, and one thing for sure that I’m going to try.  Thank you for your comment!

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