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Daily Affirmations

It is easy to wake up in the morning and get out of the totally wrong side of the bed, and it is normal to wake up some mornings and feel defeated and deflated before the day has even begun.

However, the process that we use to deal with this original thought is what determines the outcome of our day. Yes, it’s easier to have this thought, let it be, and continue your day in a bad mood. But, by changing the way you process these thoughts and emotions, you are able to get the most out of your day, and have an improved quality of life.


Although this may seem impossible, it can actually be relatively easy to do. The simple act of telling yourself positive affirmations can have a huge impact on the day that you have. The human brain is an incredible tool, and it has the ability to adapt and change, depending on how we choose to use it. By telling ourselves positive affirmations when we feel like the world is pushing down on our shoulders, it can actively begin to change the way we process those thoughts, and allow us to feel generally more positive.


The brain – an incredible tool.

The ability of the brain to adapt and change depending on how we use it, is known as neuroplasticity. The way that you have been using your mind to live your life, has moulded your brain to the current shape that it is now. All sorts of different life experiences have an impact on the shaping of your brain, due to the way that you choose to react to them. If you have always had negative responses to life’s surprises, then the likelihood is that you will continue to respond to things in the same way in the future, because, after all, that is what your brain is used to. The brain is an incredibly powerful tool, that recognises your thought processes and reiterates them for future events. It literally becomes aware of your pattern of thinking, and continues to repeat that pattern. The only way that you are able to break this pattern, is by permanently changing your way of thinking. The brain is a smart cookie – once you begin to respond to things differently, it will soon pick up on your new perspective and will change and adapt the pattern that it reiterates. So, when I talk about the benefits of positive thinkingI’m not fibbing! Breeding more positive thought processes in your mind has undoubtable benefits, and can and will lead you to having a more positive and wholesome life.

The world isn’t out to get you, you’ve just got to find the little reminders.

How to make these positive changes.

For many of us, waking up in the mornings can activate thoughts like “I don’t want to get up today”, “work is going to be so stressful”, and “today is going to be awful”. It is perfectly normal to have these thoughts, but dwelling on the negatives associated with them is what causes them to come true. This is similar to the philosophy of the law of attraction, where like attracts alike. If you tell yourself that the day is going to be horrendous and you’re going to be stressed, then the likelihood is that these thoughts will manifest themselves into your reality. By telling yourself positive affirmations instead, you can reject the negative side of your thoughts, and adapt the way you think.

I have included some of the ones I use below:


  • I am good enough.
  • I am able to deal with whatever life throws at me.
  • I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose to be happy.
  • I am worthy of all things wonderful.
  • I am beautiful just as I am.
  • I aspire only to be a better person than I was yesterday.
  • I fill my mind with positive and nourishing thoughts.


  • What will be will be.
  • I always do what is best for my body.
  • I will not let anything negative take control over me.
  • I am proud of my healthy lifestyle.
  • I have complete control over my actions and impulses.
  • I will only engage in habits that are good for my well-being.


  • Problems can turn into opportunities.
  • I love challenges, because they bring out the best in me.
  • There is no need to feel in competition with anybody – I am my own person and I will be successful.
  • I know exactly what I need to do in order to achieve success.
  • It’s okay that I’m not there yet, because I’m working on it.
  • I am powerful, capable and confident.

Creativity is everywhere. Our goals are always obtainable.


  • There is enough time in the day to do at least 1 thing that I enjoy.
  • I have the ability to spend my time doing things I love.
  • I feel inspired to be a better person.
  • Positive thinking will encourage me to have a more positive life.
  • With every breath I take, I am taking in more and more creativity.


  • The world is not against me.
  • My thoughts and opinions are valid.
  • I am doing my best.
  • I am entitled to happiness.
  • Confidence is my second nature.
  • My courage is stronger than my fear.
  • There is so much to smile about.


Even just typing these affirmations out this morning has made me feel so much brighter. All of the above statements are true – so often we beat ourselves up for feeling unworthy and insecure, when in reality we are our own worst enemies. I would love to hear what positive affirmations you use to adapt your way of thinking, or if you have used any of the ones I mentioned above and found them to be as useful as I have!


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2 thoughts on “Daily Affirmations

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I believe in positive thinking and the law of attraction. Being positive has kept me sane throughout my difficult times at work and in my family matters too. I attended a short course on Law of Attraction and it teaches us how to focus, concentrate and use our third eye.
    Whenever I have negative thoughts, I can quickly turn it into positive mode. With much practice, it will come to us automatically.
    Thanks for writing and sharing this article. It was a very good read indeed.

    Happy Day!

    1. Hi Sharon, 

      That sounds like a brilliant experience, studying more into the law of attraction is fascinating, and it’s amazing how much it can have an impact on the way you live your life!

      Thank you for reading,


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