Hi, I’m Sophie and I am currently in my second year, studying Law at Edge Hill University.


As with many humans on this earth I have come across many hurdles that I have had to overcome. Being a 20-something in the current age is more difficult than people let on, and everybody struggles at times, and that is perfectly okay. For a long time I wasn’t entirely happy with my life – for no reasons in particular – and I was allowing myself to sink into a downward-spiral mindset.


After a few tough life lessons and a course of CBT I eventually learned that this was all to do with my mindset. I believed that all was wrong with the world and nothing could prevent me from thinking the worst in everything. It wasn’t until I was encouraged to step outside of this mindset that I realised how huge of an impact positivity, mindfulness, meditation and self-care could have on a person’s wellbeing. I didn’t just see it myself, family and friends saw it too, and that was what inspired me to write about the challenges I have met and conquered, and how others can do that too.


So, with Mindful Mantra, I would love to share the ways that I have achieved a path to a happier life, so you can also overcome these challenges – and kick their ass in the process. Because whoever you are, and whatever you might tell yourself, you are an amazing human being; and by devouring into the knowledge and depths of self-care, you can learn to adapt your mindset and lead a happier and more positive life, too.


Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes, and that is perfectly okay. Throughout my blog, I aim to be your guiding light to a happier and more positive life, through the philosophies of mindfulness, wellness and self-love! I research several topics but I also write from my mind and heart, hoping to give a personal touch to some issues that we might deal with on our own.


Please feel free to ask me any questions or post any comments on my posts, I will offer my utmost support to you all! If you wish to contact me, please do so at the contact page, or email me at sophie.mindfulmantra@gmail.com.


To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

– Oscar Wilde

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